ESR 1 > Mohamed El-Moursi 


The Traumatic burden of History.

‘Abd Allâh b. Buluggîn’s character in his book 'al-Tibyân'

ESR 2 > Lena Richter  


‘In/out of the closet’ testimonials: online performance of secret lives in the Middle East and among Muslims in the West 

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ESR 3 > Rayane Al-Rammal 


Art activist (artivist) and non-celebrity clips as expressions of self in North Africa and the Middle East 

ESR 4 > Eleonora Landucci 


Islamist movements in Morocco in their ‘other languages’: uses of the Arabic and Berber vernacular varieties in the digital spheres

ESR 5 > Elmozfar Abdelhafiz 


Arab-Muslim encounters with Orientalism in the colonial age

ESR 6 > Mustafa Çolak 


Dubbing or subtitling? The socio-cultural context of exported Turkish television series

ESR 7 > Robin Cognée 


Mosque architecture and scripture in the contemporary Muslim world 

ESR 8 > Mahdieh Tavakol 


The commodification and displacement of waqf portable assets from the 18th century onwards 

ESR 9 > Elaheh Habibi 


Wartime photography and portraiture in Khomeini’s and post-Khomeini Iran

ESR 10 > Hayat Douhan 


Constructing and deconstructing Islamic authority and knowledge online and offline: competing Muslim discourses in the Moroccan diaspora in Europe, in particular the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

ESR 11 > Aleeha Zahra 


From pulpit to Facebook: the digitisation of religious communication, authority and knowledge production 

ESR 12 > Justin Mauro Benavidez 


Networks of transmission of Islamic knowledge and mobility patterns of scholars in the pre-modern world 

ESR 13 > Rukayyah Reichling 


Mecca between photography, phonography and motion picture in the colonial period 

ESR 14 > Zeynep Aydin 


Reactions of the European public after the rise of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamists since 2015: assessing the role of the digital media

ESR 15 > Mounir Saifi 


Loss, memory and mobilisation: al-Andalus on the Internet