ESR 10



→ Recruited at:

German Institute of Global and Area Studies (Germany)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Philipps-Marburg University (Germany)

→ Title Dissertation:

Islamic authority and knowledge transmission among Moroccan Diaspora in Europe

→ Master Degree in:

Media & Cultural Studies at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Doha (Qatar), 2016-2018


→ Supervisor: Dr. Jens Heibach

Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies, he is the GIGA main contact person, external tutor of Aleeha Ali (ESR 11) and coordinator of WP 4.
→ Co-Supervisor: Prof. Gerard Wiegers

He is full professor of Comparative Religious Studies in the Department of History, European Studies and Religious Studies, and a specialist in the academic study of Islam and the history of the Muslim West and Islam in Europe. He is also co-supervisor of Mohamed El-Moursi (ESR 1).

→ External Tutor: Montaser Marai

Manager of Media Development, Al Jazeera Media Institute.

The study of (online) activities (online fieldwork) and texts and perform semi-structured interviews, and consider the relations of diasporic communities with Morocco, focusing on the influence in Europe of Moroccan religious authorities.

→ Digital media and social networks

Lena Richter (ESR 2), Rayane Al-Rammal (ESR 3), 

Aleeha Zahra Ali (ESR 11), Zeynep Aydin (ESR 14), 

Mounir Saifi (ESR 15)

→ Moroccans inside/outside Maghrib

Eleonora Landucci (ESR 4)

Links to other projects


→ Center for Near-and Middle-Eastern Studies-Marburg (November 2019)

“Online fieldwork”

→ Al-Jazeera-Qatar (October 2020)

“Online fieldwork”

→ Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - Institut d’études de l’Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman - Paris (January 2022)

“Outreach activities”


→ Country


→ Name

Hayat Douhan

→ Contact 

Personal information

General information

Expected results



Film: ESR 10 Hayat Douhan



We start this week with the fascinating film of our ESR Hayat Douhan. Hayat’s participation in the MIDA-ENIS summer school is an occasion to explore her research context/population, which is the Moroccan Muslim religious field/community in the diaspora. In her presentation, she tackled the issue of Moroccan Imams in Europe with a focus in Germany.


Great job, Hayat!


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