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PhD scholarships in partnership between Al Jazeera Institute and European universities.

//Translated from the Al Jazeera article: "منح دكتوراه بالشراكة بين معهد الجزيرة وجامعات أوروبية"//

News and events : PhD scholarships in partnership between Al Jazeera Institute and European universities.

The European Universities Alliance announced a partnership with the Al Jazeera Media Institute to launch 15 PhD scholarships for Mechanisms of Islamic Communication in the Digital Age (Mediating Islam in the Digital Age).

The partner universities and media institutions fall under the umbrella of the Innovative Training Network, which aims to enhance practical experience as well as theoretical studies.

The program, funded by the European Union, adopts the principle of crossing disciplines in the field of social sciences and humanities, to understand the magnitude of the impact of digitization and technological development on issues related to Islam, especially with the wave of the Arab Spring.

The program includes two academic and training phases, in which researchers are distributed over universities in 6 European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Belgium, Spain, and France, in addition to the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Qatar, which will be a member of the research and training staff of the project out of 13 institutions in The various disciplines that are divided between academic institutions, publishing houses, museums and media institutions.

The program includes a visit by doctoral researchers, their academic supervisors and the project team to the headquarters of the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Doha, during which they receive training in digital media, in addition to the participation of a selected group in the Al Jazeera Fellowship Program of the Institute.

The winners of the program will receive a full scholarship that includes tuition and living fees for the duration of the program, which lasts 4 years. Those eligible for the program can apply for three projects at the same time to increase their chances of obtaining a grant for one project. A special website for the program has been launched that includes proposed doctoral projects, conditions and application mechanism:

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