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Attention please! Webinars on MENA countries and social sciences!

  • The Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO), one of the promoters of the MIDA/ENIS Summer School 2021, organises a series of online seminars entitled "Research and the Middle East" aimed at opening a space for discussion on Middle Eastern studies in Italy and in the world.

  • The Centre Jacques Berque in Rabat (CJB) organises an annual cycle of seminars on the theme "citizenship(s) and politics in Morocco". The cycle will be structures in three main topics: practices, discourses and spaces of citizenship and participation (and of non-citizenship and exclusion); the “youth” category and politics; public spaces and modes of participation and exclusion.

The webinars will take place in Zoom. The links to the individual meetings will be published on the Facebook pages and websites of:

  • SeSaMO

Facebook: @sesamoitalia

Centre Jacques Berque

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