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Mawa'id al-Ajdad (Banquets of Forebears)

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The Trauma-Film Collective and Al-Jazeera Documentary are pleased to introduce to

you, a six-episode documentary series sketching the story of the Medieval Arabic culinary arts as manifest in the Arabic manuscript culture. Shuttling between the current residence of these manuscripts in European libraries and their birthplaces in the Arab world, the story narrates a journey of more than 10 centuries. From Baghdad to Helsinki, between Berlin and Fes, Gotha and Cairo, this series tells the story of Medieval Arabic Gastronomy in light of economic and colonial history.

This series is intellectually and logistically indebted to the ITN_MIDA project, its vast European network opened many closed doors, and the valuable contribution of many ITN_MIDA members formed an intellectual pillar of the story. Therefore, we extend our warmest gratitude to the MIDA family.

Airing on Al-Jazeera Documentary in the primetime period of Ramadan on the schedule below, Each episode will subsequently be made available on YouTube on the next day.

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