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MIDA in the spotlight for the first Masterclass program in Digital Humanities in Indonesia!

Pascal Buresi & ESRs Elmozfar Kotoz Ahmed, Mustafa Oğuzhan Çolak, Rukayyah Reichling and Lena Richter: MIDA in the spotlight for the first Masterclass program in Digital Humanities in Indonesia!


The rapid development of digital media over the last two decades has brought profound impacts on Muslim societies and the ways scholars conduct research on Islam. One of the important developments is the emerging field of digital humanities. This field covers various ways of conducting humanities research by utilizing computational and technological means. In Islamic studies, digital technology has accelerated the digitization of Islamic text corpus which has boosted not only their searchability but also the breadth and depth of analysis of Islamic texts. For instance, the creation of big data on Islamic texts has enabled scholars to conduct a longue durée analysis of the semantic shifts in Islamic literary history which was difficult to achieve by traditional literature survey methods. This example shows that the revolutionary development of digital technologies has the potential to uncover vast new areas of research in Islamic studies and related fields.

To comprehend the recent innovations in researching Islam in the digital age, the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) in collaboration with the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) will present the first Masterclass program in Digital Humanities in Indonesia. This program will invite world-renown experts in the field through a series of lectures over two days with topics ranging from digital Islamic texts to digital ethnographies. It aims to equip scholars with essential skills and knowledge to stay up-to-date in embracing the future trajectory of researching Islam and humanities in the digital age.

On Tuesday, June 28 2022:

Pascal Buresi gave a lecture entitled : “Mediating Islam in the Digital Age: A Marie-Curie European Action and a Project on Islam and Technical Innovations through Ages”

Rukayyah Reichling and Lena Richter gave a lecture entitled : “Doing Fieldwork in the Digital Age”

Elmozfar Kotoz Ahmed gave a lecture entitled : “The Digital Possibilities of Archival Metadata: The Goldziher – Snouck Hurgronje Correspondence

as a Case Study”

Mustafa Oğuzhan Çolak gave a lecture entitled : “Employing Computer Vision Methods on TV Series: Detecting Conspiracies in ‘Payitaht: Abdulhamid’”

The booklet of the Masterclass is available below :

Booklet - Masterclass in Digital Humanities
Download PDF • 2.76MB

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