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The Young Scientist Committee composed of all ESRs, and helped by the Project Manager, is in charge of improving the functioning of the network and helping coordinate the activities of MIDA life-long cultural, social and scientific co-operations, through a bottom-up strategy. Every year, ESRs elect two gender-balanced representatives who will provide feedback and transmit any remarks to the Supervisory Board. This enables peer-to-peer communication without any higher authority allowing complete freedom of speech and opinion.


The Advisory Board includes four independent, high profile External Experts drawn from academia, to interact with the Supervisory Board. They are invited to all conferences and they are in charge of providing an external opinion on the scientific performance of the project. They act also as ombudspersons for the trainees, should the need arise.



Mediating islam in the digital age


The Coordination Team executive body includes the Scientific Coordinator (P. Buresi), a Deputy Coordinator (P. Larzillière) and a Project Manager (G. Galluccio).



The MIDA Supervisory Board, decision-making body, is made up of the Coordination Team, a representative of each beneficiary and Partner Organisation (PO), and two elected representatives of the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). Decisions of the Supervisory Board are made by consensus whenever possible and by vote when necessary.

With the Supervisory Board, Work Package leaders and co-leaders play a key role in the assessment of the project as they are in charge of presenting the progress made in their Work Packages.

This project has received the European union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement N°813547.