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A Collective Virtual Art Exhibition

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

To get a deeper understanding of a place we either read about it, visit it, or experience its art. In this virtual art exhibition, we are granted the opportunity to aesthetically dwell on two tremendously disturbing years in the history of contemporary Lebanon. After a social uprising (October 2019) withheld by a global pandemic, a devastating economic crisis and the Port Blast (August, 2020), these works of art capture a whole spectrum of emotions and impressions in an extremely nuanced manner.

This exhibition is not only special thanks to its virtual format, but it also incorporates works of art that have been primordially conceived for Instagram (such as the works of Adra Kandil, Nour Flayan and Ivan Debs among others).

Organised by "I Have Learned academy" and in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, this exhibition features the following artists:

Adra Kandil (Dear Nostalgia) | Armen Gevorgian (Arame Gallery) | Bernard Hage (The Art of Boo) | Carlos Haidamous | Christine Kettaneh | Dahlia Ezzeddine | Danielle El-Hayek | Eddy Choueiry | Emile Issa | Georgi Bitar | Ghaleb Cabbabe | Ghaleb Hawila | Hady Beydoun | Hayat Nazer | Imad Abou Jaoude | Ivan Debs | Jad Ghorayeb | Karim Tamerji | MarieJoe Raidy | Michel Chamaa | Mohamad Tohme I Nivine Massoud | Nour Flayhan | Omar Frangieh | Omar Imady | Rabih Yassine | Rami Kanso | Rami Rizk | Randa Farah | Rim El Assal | Roula Abdo | Said Mahmoud | Salma Siblini | Sandra Sahyoun | Sarah Richani | Sasha Haddad | Selim Mawad | Tamara Haddad | Tom Young | Zaynab Mourad

As well as Habib Fawaz & Carole Ayoub | Jad Taleb for the TV videos displayed and Styro 3D for the Fist of the Revolution

To view the exhibition, click on the following link:

Enjoy your visit!

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