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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Early Stage Researchers of MIDA (Mediating Islam in the Digital Age) participated in the "Data Journalism and Story Telling" Workshop at Al Jazeera's Media Institute in Doha. The film reflects the insights of the training and the researcher's experiences in Qatar. Zeynep Aydin describes interesting connections between the workshop and her project “The Web of Hate: Islamophobia and the European Response to Terrorist Attacks on Social Media”. ESR Hayat Douhan could not join her colleagues to Doha, but was kept up to date via mobile, photos and videos. Douhan took the chance to use video calls in order to interview the responsible of the AJ Media Institute Montaser Marai and the the workshop leader Muhammad Haddad.

More Information about the MIDA Project you find here:

PS Media Production //

Directing/Editing: Philipp Rückriem

Camera Operator: Robert Schulzmann

Music: "Lala Mama" by Chaama & Eljoee


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