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NEW Publication: Digital Artivism in Movement: The 2019 Lebanese Uprising’s Art on Instagram

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Rayane al-Rammal contributed to the Brill publication The Global Politics of Artistic Engagement: Beyond the Arab Uprisings (edited by Pénélope Larzillière, BRILL 2022). The range of artistic protest actions shows how the globalisation of art is also the globalisation of art politics. In the face of political disillusionment, these aesthetic interventions take on new meanings as artivists seek alternative modes of social transformation and the production of shared values.

Rammal's article Digital Artivism in Movement: The 2019 Lebanese Uprising’s Art on Instagram addresses the two aspects of production and circulation of the digital artivistic (activist-artistic) modes of expression on Instagram that were instigated and inspired by the recent Lebanese uprising (October 2019–) and the following events. She investigates the modes of production of these artivistic works and the battles they wage against the regime. She inquires into the various counter-hegemonic visions that artivists hold and how they struggle to advance their aesthetic project amidst the multiplicity of conflicting narratives of the uprising. After philosopher Chantal Mouffe, she looks at these artivistic works as agonistic interventions in the online public space on Instagram, where many conflicting narratives of the uprising coexist aesthetically without any final reconciliation. She then examines how this agonistic dimension gets compromised in some online curating practices when a curator seeks one consensual narrative of the uprising by excluding others.

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