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Training: Storytelling with data




"When we have a huge number of figures and statistics in addition to a huge amount of information, there is an urgent need of an efficient system that can combine them in an organized, simple and professional way in order to clearly and efficiently present them to the readers or the viewers. This is the so-called “data journalism” in terms of media. This training course is designed for journalists working in printed press or in TV channels to provide them with the skills of gathering information and present it visually in an efficient way".

Day 1 (Sunday 24 oct 2021)

  1. Introduction - What is data journalism, and how is it used in newsrooms?

  2. Open your horizons - What stories are made possible using data?

  3. From ideas to implementation - What you need to create a successful data story.

Day 2 (Monday 25 oct 2021)

  1. How to storyboard - How to extract a story from your data and not just present more data?

  2. Practical assignment - How can data and visuals enrich your stories?

  3. Data storytelling toolbox - Build your skills with these open-source tools and services.

Day 3 (Tuesday 26 oct 2021)

  1. Sourcing and understanding data types - The how, what, when, where and why of credible data sources.

  2. Data collection toolbox - Valuable resources for different types of data formats online.

  3. Practical assignment - Finding different types of data using advanced search techniques.

Day 4 (Wednesday 27 oct 2021)

  1. Interviewing your data - How to build an intimate understanding of your story.

  2. Data cleaning and analyzing toolbox - Using spreadsheets and the reproducible data mindset.

  3. Practical assignment - Finding stories buried in spreadsheets.

Day 5 (Thursday 28 oct 2021)

  1. Presenting your data - The power of data visualization in storytelling

  2. Final assignment part 2 - Putting everything you’ve learned together in a hands-on data journalism project.

  3. Final assignment part 2 - Discussion and evaluation.

Download the programm :

Download PDF • 92KB

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