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REFLECTIONS about Research and Crisis - Eleonora Landucci

Tunis, September 2022

The International Forum for Humanities and Social Science INSANIYYAT took place in Tunis this year. Also MIDA researchers participated and organized panels. Eleonora Landucci and presented a workshop about research and crisis. Together with her colleague ESR Lena Richter, she explore new ways and methods how to deal with crisis in and around research.

In this film Eleonora explain the aims of the workshop and she reflects on her own research life, networks and traveling.

Eleonora Landucci is an anthroplist that a Early Stage Researcher of the MIDA Project. She works on "Multilingualism and digitization in Moroccan Islamism. Ethno-nethnographies among politico-religious communities" at University of Barcelona.

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Eleonora Landucci:

Insaniyyat Tunis 2022:

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