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ESR 04

Eleonora Landucci

ESR_4_Eleonora Landucci.jpg

→ Recruited at:

Institución Milá I Fontanals - Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica (Spain)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Universidad de Barcelona (Spain)

→ Title Dissertation:

Multilingualism and digitization in Moroccan Islamism. Ethno-nethnographies among politico-religious communities

→ Master Degree in:

Ethnology and Social Anthropology Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (France) – 2015-2018


→ Supervisor: Dr. Araceli González Vázquez

Researcher (Científica titular) at IMF-CSIC, is the co-supervisor of LenaRichter (ESR 2) and Zeynep Aydin (ESR 14).
→ Co-Supervisor: Prof. Umar Ryad

Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, he leads a European Research Council (ERC) project which focuses on the “History of Muslims in Interwar Europe” (2014-2019). He is the main supervisor of Elmozfar Abdelhafiz (ESR 5) and also co-supervisor of Lena Richter (ESR 2) and Zeynep Aydin (ESR 14). He is co-coordinator of WP 2 Languages and Translations.

→ External Tutor: Dr. Olivia Orozco

Coordinator of Education and Economics at Casa Árabe (Islamic and Arab economics and development; Economic thought in late medieval Mediterranean).

Understanding whether the digital might be having an impact on Islamism’s hypothetised emphasis on the use of Arabic and Arabisation.

→ Self-narrativity and identity

Lena Richter (ESR 2) 

→ Maghrib

Rayane Al-Rammal (ESR 3)

→ Moroccans inside/outside Maghrib

Hayat Douhan (ESR 10)

→ Digital islamist rhetoric

Aleeha Zahra Ali (ESR 11)

External Tutor: Abdurraouf Oueslati

→ Casa Árabe – Madrid/Cordoba (April 2020) 

“Languages, Arabic, darija"

→ Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies – Marburg (October 2020)

“Digital Anthropology: oral and written practices of Islamist movements on social media”

→ German Institute of Global and Area Studies - Hamburg (June 2021)

“Analysis of qualitative data (text, written performance, self-expressions, narratives etc.)”


→ Country


→ Name

Eleonora Landucci

→ Contact

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Film: ESR 4 Eleonora Landucci



We honour this Friday by presenting the next film of our young researchers. If you want to know how phd candidate and anthropologist Eleonora Landucci works, let her take you by the hand and walk you through the first steps of her research. To present her work and herself in her entertaining short film, she used an animated drawing.


We are impressed, Eleonora! 

Drawing and animation credits go to @nicola_gobbi


#itn_mida #wisskomm #IslamAndScience #digitalage #scicomm #H2020 #MSCA #filmmaking #scienceandfilm #youngdirectors #phdandfilm #phdlife #animation #drawing

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