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ESR 09



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→ Recruited at:

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique / InVisu (France)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Paris Sorbonne (France)

→ Title Dissertation:

Photography of War in Iran (1980-2019): Past inspirations and current revisions

→ Master Degree in:

Visual Anthropology, Department of Social Anthropology at University of Manchester (United Kingdom) – 2017-2018


→ Supervisor: Prof. Mercedes Volait

Historian of architecture and art, head of InVisu, a research unit on visual and material culture in the digital age, based at INHA (Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris) and Research professor at CNRS. She is also co-supervisor of Robin Cognée (ESR 7), Mahdieh Tavakol (ESR 8), and co-coordinator of WP 3.
→ Co-Supervisor: Dr. Petra de Bruijn

She works at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS) for the department of Middle Eastern Studies. She is the main coordinator of WP 2 and supervisor of Mustafa Çolak (ESR 6).

→ External Tutor: Dr. Catherine David

She is deputy director of the Musée national d’art moderne (MNAM) - Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, where she is the head of the Research and Globalisation department since 2014.

01/ What do war photographs tell us about the Iran-Iraq war, martyrdom, and the people who lived it?
02/ In what circumstances were these photographs produced and to what extent were they used by the regime as propaganda? 

03/ How are these images considered today, and what might their current reception say about changing subjectivities?
04/ What do photographs on digital media tell us about current societal issues in Iran?

05/ How do digital visual media, such as Instagram or portfolio websites, offer new opportunities to tell a story about current Iranian society?

→ Digital media and social networks

Lena Richter (ESR 2), Rayane Al-Rammal (ESR 3), Eleonora Landucci (ESR 4), Hayat Douhan (ESR 10), Aleeha Zahra (ESR 11), Zeynep Aydin (ESR 14), Mounir Saifi (ESR 15).

Links to other projects


→ Tropenmuseum – Amsterdam/Leiden/ Rotterdam/Berg en Dal (June 2020)


→ Centre Pompidou – Paris (December 2020)

“Integration into the Research and Globalisation department of the National Museum of Modern Art within the Centre Pompidou”


→ Country


→ Name

Elaheh Habibi

→ Contact

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