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Personal information

Expected results

General information

→ Recruited at:

NGO Cultural Heritage without Borders (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Sarajevo University (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and INALO (France)

→ Title Dissertation:

Mosque architecture and scripture in Bosnia and Herzegovina : between tradition and novelty

→ Master Degree in:

Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Foreign and regional literatures / History and Social Sciences – 2017-2018

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→ Supervisor: Prof. Ahmet Alibasic

He is Deputy Dean for Academic affairs and Associate Professor in Islamic Civilisation Studies at the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the University of Sarajevo. He is co- supervisor of Aleeha Zahra Ali (ESR 11).
→ Co-Supervisor: Prof. Adisa Džino Šuta

Head of CHwB BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), she studied architecture at the University of Sarajevo. Since 2005, she has been engaged in various aspects of the post- war rehabilitation of cultural heritage in BiH, including practices of education for cultural heritage and developing participatory tools in community engagement.

→ External Tutor: Prof. Mercedes Volait

Historian of architecture and art, head of InVisu, a research unit on visual and material culture in the digital age, based at INHA (Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris). Research professor at CNRS, main supervisor of Elaheh Habibi (ESR 9), co- supervisor of Mahdieh Tavakol (ESR 8), and co-coordinator of WP 3.

The study of specific religious buildings in the contemporary Muslim world can help map a changing tangible and visual culture through which cultural and social transformations, as well as geo-political dynamics, can be read.

Links to other projects

→ Importance of literacy

Mohamed El-Moursi (ESR 1)

→ Mortmain inscriptions

Mahdieh Tavakol (ESR 8)

→ Authoritative scriptures

Aleeha Zahra (ESR 11)


→ German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)-Hamburg (April 2020)

“Training for interviews about calligraphic words on walls, observations, focus group discussions”

→ CNRS-InVisu – Paris (December 2020)

“Analysis and annotation of digital visual media and photography; Instagram or portfolio”

External Tutor: Abdurraouf Oueslati


→ Country


→ Name

Robin Cognée

→ Contact

Expected results



Film: ESR 7 Robin Cognée



We are happy to present the next exciting film and topic to you, realized and directed by our ESR Robin Cognée. For his #phd he focuses on #mosque history, #architecture and #scripture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his film he discusses this question: How has the #IslamicCommunity of Bosnia and Herzegovina been using Internet and new online tools in order to cope with the #digitalera?


Enjoy this nice film and have a good rest of the week! 


#wisskomm #IslamAndScience #digitalage #scicomm #H2020 #MSCA #filmmaking #scienceandfilm #youngdirectors #phdandfilm #phdlife #bosniaandherzegovina

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