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ESR 08

Mahdieh Tavakol

ESR_8_Mahdieh Tavakol.jpg

→ Recruited at:

Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

→ Title Dissertation:

A Journey from the Actual to the Virtual: A history of a collection of manuscripts in the Astan-e Quds library in Iran

→ Master Degree in:

History of Science at Oregon State University (Oregon, USA) - 2010-2012


→ Supervisor: Prof. Konrad Hirschler

He has been Professor of Islamic Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin since 2016 and was previously Professor of Middle Eastern History at SOAS (University of London). He is co-supervisor of Justin Mauro Benavidez (ESR 12).
→ Co-supervisor: Prof. Mercedes Volait

Historian of architecture and art, head of InVisu, Research professor at CNRS, main supervisor of Elaheh Habibi (ESR 9), co-supervisor of Robin Cognée (ESR 7), and co-coordinator of WP 3.

→ External Tutor: Monika Hasenmüller and Hendrikije Carius

Curators of Oriental manuscripts (Gotha).

The study of specific groups of objects or corpora (corpuses) within one medium as historic ensembles and to trace developments within them, or to compare them with other medium-related groups and identify commonalities and differences.

→ Mortmain inscriptions

Robin Cognée (ESR 7)

→ History of Western collections

Elmozfar Abdelhafiz (ESR 5)

→ Mobility of scholars and objects

Justin Mauro Benavidez (ESR 12)

External Tutor: Abdurraouf Oueslati


→ Brill Publisher – Leiden (February 2021)

“Training in digital academic publishing, and in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) to annotate and publish manuscripts online”

→ CHwB – Bosnia and Herzegovina (June 2021)

“Interdisciplinary methods in heritage interpretation, story-telling, conservation of museum artefacts and interpretation, augmented reality, IT tools in heritage and tourism, use of new technologies in heritage institutions and museums, virtual reality”


→ Country


→ Name

Mahdieh Tavakol

→ Contact

Personal information

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Film: ESR 8 Mahdieh Tavakol



Good morning! We are happy to start this week with the great film of Mahdieh Tavakol. Mahdiehs research is focused on the library of Baha al-Din Muhammad al-Amili (1547-1621 CE), the great Jabal Amili scholar in Safavid Persia. Her video is a brief overview of her work and the way she is trying to reconstruct this historical library whose manuscripts are now scattered around the globe.


Exciting film and research, Mahdieh! 


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