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ESR 14



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General information

→ Recruited at:

Philipps-Marburg University (Germany)

→ PHD enrolled at:

Philipps-Marburg University (Germany)

→ Title Dissertation:

The Ticking Time Bomb: the Role of Islamophobia in Hashtag Activism after Terror Attacks in Europe

→ Master Degree in:

Master of Arts in International, English taught, Journalism Program - Mediastudies at University of Groningen (the Netherlands), 2012-2014


→ Supervisor: Prof. Albrecht Fuess

He is Professor at the Department of Islamic Studies of Philipps-University of Marburg. He is also co-supervisor of Elmozfar Abdelhafiz (ESR 5), coordinator of WP7, and co-coordinator ofWP5.
→ Co-Supervisor: Dr. Araceli González Vázquez

She holds a permanent research position as “Científica titular” at the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, the Spanish research high council), and she works at the Institución Milà i Fontanals (IMF), in Barcelona. She is is the main supervisor of Eleonora Landucci (ESR 4), co-supervisor of Lena Richter (ESR 2).

→ Co-supervisor 2: Prof. Thijl Sunier

He is Professor of cultural anthropology, holds the chair of ‘Islam in European Societies’ (VU Amsterdam) and chairman of the board of the Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies (NISIS). He is the main supervisor of Aleeha Zahra Ali (ESR 11), coordinator of WP 8.

→ External Tutor: Philipp Rückriem

Film maker, researcher, co-founder of PS Media.

The aim of this project is to analyse the Jihadist terror attacks perpetrated in Europe since 2015 in order to assess what.sort of public and private/semiprivate (mis) 

understandings of Islam and Islamism are put into circulation in the digital spheres. How in such cases is Islam mediated by Europeans, whether Non-muslims or Muslims? The project will assess the means of dissemination, and the nature of the by-products, such as opinion articles, YouTube statements, memes, Whatsapp virals, etc. It will pay special attention to the representations of anti-European Salafism and European Muslim organisations, that want to cooperate within European societies. It will also evaluate the impact of the aftermath of such attacks on European understandings of Islam and Islamism and try to develop tools to counter mutual prejudices.

→ Digital mediation

Lena Richter (ESR 2), Rayane Al-Rammal (ESR 3), 

Hayat Douhan (ESR 10), and Mounir Saifi (ESR 15).

Links to other projects


→ Arabic language courses (Madrid)

“Islam and Muslims today: foundations, diversity and relationships with Spain” (SpanishDiplomaticSchool)“Shar ‘aor Muslim sacred law: texts and contexts for a contemporaneous debate” (CSIC)

→ Media – Film production and consulting (PS Media, P2) — Berlin (February 2021, November 2021, February 202

“Research, shoot and edit media content and produce different kind of formats, and publish them online; media strategy, quality journalism and professional documentary film production”


→ Country


→ Name

Zeynep Aydin

→ Contact 

Personal information

Expected results



Film: ESR 14 Zeynep Aydin



We are very proud to show you the film of our ESR Zeynep Aydin. She focusses in her research on how the European public acts after terror attacks and what role mass media and social media play in terms of authority. She asks the question of how the transition from mass media to increased social media use is affecting online Islamophobia and how it is contributing to an increase in right-wing populism in Europe.


Great work, Zeynep! 


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